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Now with Y chromosomes

(but we're still picky)

Social Darwinism At Its Finest
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Created as a counterpart to owbnbitches, we still openly discriminate, but not against gender this time. Gentlemen! Behold!

Discussion topics range from rules discussions, chronicle critiquing, and LARP improvements to just plain venting.

Your cynical host and moderator is: farawaypoints.

Make sure to read the posting guidelines first, dumbass.
This community is, for all intents and purposes, FRIENDS ONLY. If you want to join, please click above where it says "join this community". Moderator and members will then decide whether or not to admit you. This decision is made on a number of factors.

1) You can go cry about it in your own LJ;
2) You can handle it in a mature fashion;
3) You can complain loudly about it at your after-game restaurant.

Whatever makes you feel better, but only one of those answers is correct.

Please realize you are not entitled to group membership. It's a privilege, and not a right. If we don't know you, we will probably reject you. If enough people don't like you or are not comfortable with your presence here, we will also reject you. Either way, don't take it personally, unless you're the sort of person that feels that they are deserving of everyone's friendship and adoration at all times, in which case you probably will get your panties in a twist regardless.